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Welcome to the Goodshelter page.


We are year 2 and 3 and love learning about everything!


Goodshelter are loving their current topic! We have been reading The Sleeping Sword by Michael Morpurgo as well as some traditional Arthurian legends. 


We learnt all about castle life at Totnes Castle - including how we would defend the castle from attack! 


There have been opportunities to act out parts of the legend, design what we think the Round Table might have looked like and create amazing shields and helmets for the famous knights. 


We have completed some superb pieces of writing based on our topic and are putting together a medieval magazine full of examples of our brilliant learning. 

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In RE we have looked at Christian beliefs in what God is like through the teachings of Jesus. We are also digging  deeper into the Christmas story and finding out why it such an important time of the Christian year. 



We have been studying light in Science. We have made shadow puppets and performed short plays. We have seen shadow puppets from Indonesia watched them on a screen in the classroom. We have investigated shadows and how the length of our own shadow alters during the course of the day. We have studied reflection and how shiny objects such as mirrors reflect light really well. We have made simple kaleidoscopes to see the effect of light reflecting backwards and forwards. We have also learnt about how white light is made up of the colours of the spectrum and we looked through prisms to see how the light was split.



We have been practising our football and hockey skills in PE with specialist teaching from Kingsbridge Community College. 

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Some superb year three writing based on Winter's Child by Angela McAllister

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