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House Groups

Picture 1 Lannacombe Bay
Picture 2 Rickham Sands
Picture 3 Venericks Cove

The children are in three house groups at school.


These are named after three local beaches:


  • Venericks Cove
  • Lannacombe Bay
  • Rickham Sands


Have you visited your House beach? You'll need to be feeling adventurous to get down onto Venericks! Lannacombe is fabulous for those who like a swim and Rickham has the super Garra Rock restaurant above it!


The children can earn house points across the week which are then collated to see which house has won the House Cup for that week. The house which wins the most weeks across the term then has a house treat. This has been a cinema afternoon with popcorn and a picnic with ice cream!


The children are then in these houses for events such as our Christmas crafts week. The houses have responsibility for setting up the hall for assemblies and getting out play equipment at break time.


They also sit in their house groups for Book Club in the mornings during which time older children can hear younger ones read.

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