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Positive Behaviour Rewards

There are lots of ways that we reward positive behaviour and achievement at Charleton. Come along to Praise Assembly on a Friday afternoon to share our successes!


The House Cup

Children receive house points throughout the week from all staff members. These can be for any example of good behaviour, manners or good learning. The points are added up and the winning house is awarded the cup for the following week. At the end of term, the house with the most wins earns a treat. These have included cinema afternoons and outdoor picnics with ice cream.


Star of the Week

The 'Star' receives a red wristband that they may wear to school. Their photograph is pinned up on the Praise Board in the hall for the week. This is awarded for a special achievement or outstanding example of behaviour.


The Teacher's Award

A certificate awarded for achievement in a specific area of the curriculum - for example; super handwriting or excellent mathematics.


The Golden Book

Five mentions in the Golden Book earns you a Lucky Dip. These are awarded by teachers throughout the week and are usually for excellent work or academic achievement.


The School Council Award

The School Council award a child a certificate each week - for being a good friend or something that has particularly impressed them. Sometimes they even award a teacher certificate which gets all the staff very excited!


Other class rewards

All the teachers and TA's appreciate the excellent behaviour and work of the children in our school so most of us have personal reward systems for the classes or groups we work with as well. Start Point's gem jar and Mrs T's special stickers being some examples!

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